Favourite Linux software

Favourite Linux software

Writing about favourite Linux software is subjective, but here’s a list of some programs that I aim to install every time I set up a new desktop.

My daily driver is EndeavourOS (Arch based) with the KDE Plasma desktop.

Favourite Linux software, Pixeluvo image editor
Pixeluvo is a cross-platform image editor with powerful features.

Image editing

Pixeluvo: The website tagline is “beautiful images made easy” and that’s very true. I’m a handy photographer and editor but no expert. I appreciate the capability and simplicity of Pixeluvo, which does all I need including curves, without the complication of Gimp which is my alternative.

Some people don’t like paying for Linux software, but I’m happy to support cross-platform initiatives that excel. Pixeluvo costs US$34 and my licence has been transferable across multiple installations and Windows.

PDF reading and editing

Another proprietary program that I use regularly is MasterPDFeditor. It has many of the features of more expensive software such as Adobe Acrobat (full version). Users can delete pages, edit and add text.

I’m using version 4.3.89 because it doesn’t add watermarks like the newest iteration. I bought a licence a couple of years ago but it wasn’t transferable between installations, which is a drawback. I actually emailed the company and asked for a deal because I wanted to support them.

Favourite linux software: MasterPDFeditor
MasterPDFeditor is a powerful cross-platform program for reading and editing PDF documents.


I use several every day I’m working on my Linux desktop. The most powerful is Notepadqq. Its blurb says it’s “designed by developers, for developers. With more than 100 supported languages, it is the ideal text editor for your daily tasks”. I edit website code in Notepadqq although Bluefish is good for HTML.

For plain text editing I like Mousepad and Pluma. This is one category where I have several choices for favourite Linux software.

File manager

Because I use the KDE Plasma desktop, Dolphin is my favourite. Sometimes I like to use a file manager as root and Dolphin doesn’t have this capability as a security feature so I turn to Caja from the Mate environment. Thunar from XFCE is also user friendly.

Media player

Lots to choose from but I keep returning to VLC because it’s powerful and works well.

Favourite Linux software
Evolution is a personal information management application that provides integrated mail, calendars and address books.

Email client

I have personal email addresses with Google and Microsoft (Exchange) and my work email is on Office365.

Hiri has worked well for me in the past but recently I’ve had login issues with my work account, likewise with Evolution. I prefer these to Thunderbird, but find myself going to Windows in VirtualBox to access email because Outlook just works without fuss. There’s no favourite Linux software for me currently.


Over the years I’ve tried SoftMaker, WPS, LibreOffice, Abiword and even Calligra. I just can’t like Calligra, despite wanting it to succeed as a KDE application.

At the moment I use Abiword for writing letters and LibreOffice for opening external Word documents and Excel.


Currently using:

Many of these programs would be familiar and common to regular Linux users. The difference might be that I’m happy to use commercial software and pay for it if it does what I want. That’s been the case overwhelmingly with Pixeluvo and to a lesser extent with MasterPDFeditor and Hiri.

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  1. Jerry Rocteur
    Jerry Rocteur says:

    Interesting choices!
    I use Ubuntu Mate,
    Thunderbird for Mail, Firefox browser (Brave as backup for some things and Tor browser for others), gvim and vim as editors “since 1984”, I refuse to learn anything else 😉
    OpenVPN and ProtonPN,
    Also VLC although it is getting worse not better.
    I use Zoho Notebook for notes, all platforms, on the Apple gear and Windows and Redhat at work.
    Google Play Music but as the Sonos support is useless on Linux, I mainly play YouTube Music on the iMac
    Ditto on Flameshot. Digikam is good but I’m not decided yet, looking around, Libreoffice as well!
    Telegram for messaging, Remmina for VNC and Remote desktop.
    Lots of other things but I develop on Linux for a living so that’s normal!
    Nice of you to share your favourites, it paints a different picture of the user 😉
    Best Wishes and have lots of fun, regards to the family

    • Michael Gorey
      Michael Gorey says:

      Interesting Jerry, thanks. I tried Zoho Notes for a while, also Keep, Simplenote, Evernote and OneNote before settling on Joplin. It also works on Android and Windows. It synchronises across devices using Dropbox or OneDrive.
      Google Music as well. Gave Wendy a Google Mini and added her to my family account. She loves telling it what music to play!

      • Jerry Rocteur
        Jerry Rocteur says:

        😉 She loves telling it what music to play, that’s not surprising, she’s a bit of a boss that one I’m sure she loves yelling commands to Siri and to Google 😉
        I stopped DropBox after many years as it was not getting better in the web app department and I’m forced to use that at work as they won’t let me install the Windows application and the Linux Apps are not the best nor is the web app. So I migrated everything to Zoho notebook, I can’t remember why I didn’t use Joplin, I tried it but can’t remember when happened.
        I still have not found a good solution for PDF though.. Just want something light, that I can annotate PDFs, merge them, split them and share them, like Preview on Apple


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