Bundaberg Now

Transforming local government communications

Bundaberg Now

Here’s the text from my speech to the national local government IT conference in Coffs Harbour regarding Bundaberg Now as an example of digital disruption.

I’m very pleased that one Council has contacted me already and plans to start something similar …

Today I’ll be talking about digital disruption and how local government can transform the way in which we communicate.

The case study is Bundaberg Now – a Council owned and operated online news platform.

Christensen defined disruption in 1997 as a relatively narrow concept whereby technology evolves through quality improvements to inferior but low-priced products.

In 2016 the Productivity Commission adopted a broader definition that’s more relevant for policy makers – disruptive technologies are developments that drive substantial change.

They noted that new technologies offer opportunities for the creation of innovative businesses, a greater range of products, and new ways for governments to address policy problems.

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